Our murder mysteries are an unforgettable, entertaining experience that you and your guests will love.

We deliver live in-person and online. All of the events below are available in person.  Some are available online

View our virtual events page for online murder mystery events

We have two styles of murder mystery:

CluedUp 'Who-dunnit'.
You become witness to a murder and soon find yourselves interviewing suspects, sorting through evidence and sifting the lies from the truth to try to work out which of our suspects is the murderer. Presented by our team of 5-6 seasoned professional actors. We have a selection of themes and genres to choose from. 

CluedUp 'You-dunnit'.
You provide the suspects and one of them is the murderer! We currently offer two 'You-dunnit' murder mysteries, The Inside Job (maximum of 20 people) and An Event to Die For (maximum of 50). These murder mysteries are hosted by two CluedUp actors.

All of our murder mystery games are portable and can be done in virtually any private space. They can be presented alongside a meal or as a standalone event.