About this event 

An Event to Die For is a never-to-be-forgotten experience that your guests will talk about for years to come.

Prior to the night (in total secrecy), you pick four of your guests to be the suspects. We brief the chosen four on how it all works and inform one of them that they are the murderer! We guide them safely through the entire show. There are no lines to learn. The pre-event brief takes just 60 minutes.  

The event can be a conference dinner, staff celebration, awards function, Gala dinner, midwinter Christmas or a private function such as a birthday or family reunion – any function you like.

On the night, your guests gather to enjoy the wine, food and ambience. During the speeches the murder takes place and all hell breaks lose until a Detective arrives on the scene. The Detective names the suspects and leads the rest of your guests through a courtroom drama.

Only the murderer knows the truth and they must use all their powers of persuasion to deflect the blame. After the interviews, evidence and more surprises, the guests (jury) vote for who they think the murderer is. 

Can the murderer hold their nerve and make it through to the end?
Will your guests see through their façade and piece together the story and blow their cover? No one knows until the final votes are cast!

You’ll never look at your colleagues in quite the same way again!

This murder mystery game can take place over a meal or as a standalone event. It can be overlaid with themes such as 1920s, Bond, Gatsby, Superheroes... you name it! 

Event details

Snapshot: An interactive murder mystery game where you provide the four suspects. One of the suspects is the murderer. The rest of you must work out who! Led by two CluedUp event hosts.

Duration:  2-3 hours 

Participants: Minimum of 12 people. Maximum of 50.

Location: Anywhere in New Zealand

Client review

“We had a fantastic response. The team has been talking about it all day back in the office today, saying it was excellent and really different. Your team were amazing to work with and are a very talented bunch of actors." 

Adam Whitmarch, CRS Software