About this event

A good old fashioned how-down and showdown where you and your guests get to work with the Sheriff to uncover Jake Dusty’s murderer.

On the night, guest assemble (dressed in Western costumes – optional), at the venue for pre dinner drinks. They are greeted by Jake Dusty and other townsfolk of Dustbowl including the town Reverend, a Mexican cowboy, the local Doctor and the voluptuous barmaid. The characters are excited, because tonight is an auspicious occasion when Jake Dusty will officially name the new Sheriff of Dustbowl. Over pre-dinner drinks, the characters are revealed and the story begins to unravel. The festivities continue until it is time for Jake Dusty to speak, but just as he is making the important announcement, one of the townsfolk decides that Jake isn’t quite the nice guy he makes out to be….a shot rings out and Jake Dusty lies dead!

The new Sheriff enlists your help to solve this crime and put the evil-doer behind bars. Tables work together to interview the suspects, view the surrounding clues and evidence, piece together the puzzle and find Jake Dusty’s murderer.
The event concludes with a suspense-filled final scene befitting of any classic Western!

This portable event can be done in virtually any private venue. 

Can be done as a combo with our popular wild west themed casino: Gold Rush.

Event details

Overview: A western themed murder mystery evening that put you in the role of Sherriff. Question the suspects to work out who killed Jake Dusty.

Duration:  2 to 3 hours over a meal

Participants: Minimum of 8 people

Location: Your choice of venue in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton, Rotorua, Tauranga, Taupo, Palmerston North, Dunedin, Queenstown, Wanaka, New Plymouth or anywhere in New Zealand

Client review

"Everything went brilliantly on the night and your team and event was a huge hit. We do a lot of Gala / Award events, however this was the first time we had tried a 'murder mystery' concept and it met with rave reviews!"

Nichola Gold, Marketing Manager, Combined Insurance Company, New Zealand