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About this event

Bill Snitch has it all: good looks, fine clothes, fast car and seen in all the right places.

He’s a shrewd, successful and competent consultant or so it seems. You have booked Bill Snitch to deliver a key note presentation at your team’s next online get-together. This presentation is customised to include original, unorthodox and even controversial solutions to current challenges facing your team and industry. 

On the day however, things don't quite go to plan. Part-way through his presentation, Bill dramatically dies! 

Enter the key suspects: Steve Sleaze (a client), Fiona Fussy (Bill’s EA), Sally Snitch (his wife), Ted Tedious (his business partner). You must uncover the real Bill Snitch and put the questions to his 'friends' and colleagues that others were too afraid to ask.

Your group is split into teams. In breakout rooms, they review the evidence, interview the suspects and review the crime scene footage in order to work out: Who killed Bill Snitch? What was their motive? How did they do it?

The event concludes with a dramatic climax where all is revealed.

Event details

Snapshot: Online murder mystery event presented by our team of professional actors. The storyline can be adapted to feature content on your company and industry.

Duration:  1.5 to 2 hours 

Participants: Minimum of 8 people. Maximum of 200

Location: Online via Zoom

Client review

"Great time, great event and from my perspective, great outcomes."

Karen Dovey, Exceed Window Maintenance, New Zealand