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About this event

The Final Whistle is an online murder mystery set in the competitive world of professional sport! It can be any sport of your choice (rugby, netball, cricket, bowls, you name it, we do it!)

Jeff Devine is the up and coming star in the world of professional refereeing / umpiring / judging. For years he’s run the roost, controlling games from junior level, college games, club games and recently was selected to control international matches – a hotly contested position that only a few succeed in.

Add to his success, his super-model good looks, charismatic personality, public speaking prowess and squeaky clean image and you have a person adored by many….but not all.

Since Covid, Jeff has turned to public speaking online to support his income. But when he dies at your virtual meeting, ‘Jeff the Ref’ as he is affectionately known, has had the final whistle blown on him.

Initial investigations point to 4 key suspects: Terry Fraser – fellow referee / umpire / judge; Greta Hanssel – sports physiotherapist; Jamie West – professional sportsman; Richard Armstrong – crazed fan. The alibis for the suspects appear solid, but surely there is a crack in their defensive lines?

Interview the suspects, view the crime scene photos and sift through the evidence and work with your team to bring the killer - or killers - in front of the judiciary.

Event detail

Snapshot: An online murder mystery game with a sport theme. Can be adapted to any sport of your choice. 

Duration:  1.5 to 2 hours

Participants: Minimum of 8 people. Maximum of 200.

Location: Online via Zoom 

Client review

"The feedback was all positive. I was pleased to see our people really getting into the theme and interaction, making it a very entertaining event."

Judith Tanner, Steel and Tube, New Zealand