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About this event

Welcome to Creepy Manor‘s annual “Toast to the Manor”. Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the annual event has been hastily moved online.
After introducing you to his ghoulish assembly of assistants, the Master (an oddball if ever you met one) begins his much-anticipated speech. The evening takes an unexpected turn when he dies dramatically partway through his speech. What does surprise you is that his staff are all more than happy with his demise and all individually claim credit for his death!

Enter Supernatural Investigator, Buster Von Trapp. He puts you into teams and sends you to breakout rooms where you will interview the suspects and work out who is lying, who is telling the truth and who really did kill the Master.

The suspects include the Butler (of course!), a cool, aloof and disdainful vampire; Miss Take, the clumsiest maid ever created; Jobby, the House Elf, a despicable fawning creature anxious to ingratiate himself with everyone; the Gardener with a penchant for digging things up. Don’t let his complete inability to speak get in the way of questioning him!

Each team presents their verdict followed by a final dramatic, hilarious, supernatural climax where the truth comes out and the murderer is revealed!

Event details

Snapshot: Hilarious Halloween or haunted house themed murder mystery event delivered online. 

Duration:  1.5 to 2 hours

Participants: Minimum of 8 people, maximum of 200

Location: Online via Zoom

Client review

“Friday night was fantastic. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They are still talking about it in the office today, so great job.”

Amanda Fensom, NZ Racing, New Zealand