Team Boost (Virtual team building)

About this event

Does your remote team need a boost?

Team Boost is a one hour online session of highly engaging, fun, interactive tasks and challenges. Team Boost is guaranteed that get your remote team laughing, interacting, working together, learning about each other and having a great time!

Each Team Boost is presented live, online by a CluedUp Game Master.

Each Team Boost is different.  Each boost is tailored with carefully selected tasks to bring out the best of your team based on your numbers, demographics, personality types and preferences. Regular favourites include:

  • Quick-fire Five, a fun quick-fire activity to set the scene and get everyone in the mood
  • Noughts and Crosses,, like you've never played it before
  • Change something, a crowd favourite, guaranteed to test your powers of observation and concentration
  • Thanks a Million, an instant, live act of appreciation and gratitude
  • Live Trade, employ your best negotiation skills to outsmart your opponents
  • What Would You Do enlightening, light-hearted look at different attitudes to life.

Team Boost takes one hour, is delivered entirely online for groups of 5-20 people.

You can purchase as a one-off team boost or in packages of three boosts or five boosts at discounted prices.

Event details

Snapshot: A live, online team building boost for your remote team. 

Type:  Hosted by CluedUp Game Master 

Location: Virtual, online

Duration: 1 hour

Participants: 5-20 people

Client review

"We had such a great time, the team absolutely loved it and they are all still raving about it today”.
Christine Kearney, Webbs

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