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About this event

You’ve decided to move this year’s Christmas function online, so you’ve gone all out and secured Santa as your guest speaker! Join Santa via Zoom as he shares his insights about the trials and tribulations of running the global enterprise of Christmas.

Alongside Santa are his key personal aides: Santa’s Elves. They are crucial to Santa’s empire. In fact, they are responsible for Santa’s success. It turns out that Santa isn't really such a nice guy after all. He’s actually super unpopular. Pressure is mounting inside Santa's castle and one of the Elves has decided they've had enough! 

Your team will enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience until your Christmas celebrations take an unexpected turn and Santa is murdered before your very eyes! Each team will head to a private breakout room to begin the exciting process of deduction. They will interview the suspects, study the evidence, review the crime footage and (hopefully) reach a verdict. It won’t be easy though, each Elf has a motive for murder but an alibi as solid as a well-wrapped present!

Santa’s been Slain has something for everyone - intrigue, humour, suspense, entertainment, interaction and a suspense filled climax with a surprising twist!

Event details

Snapshot:  A Christmas themed virtual murder mystery delivered live online via Zoom. Santa has been slain. You have to work out who did it, how and why. 

Duration: 1.5 hours

Participants: Minimum of 8 people, maximum of 200

Location: Online via Zoom

Client review

"I reckon Saturday's event was the best we've ever had. Thank you for helping us have a splendid event. Please pass on my thanks to all involved."

Ron Coenders, Managing Director, Advanced Building Services, New Zealand