Move On Up FAQs

Helpline: 021 043 6168 or 021 244 1616

Helpline unavailable 9pm - 7am


If we don't have a full team of 6, can we add more team members after the game has started?

Yes, you can. Simply get them to download the app, enter the code and join your clan. Once you have 6 players then your team is full and you can't add any more players

Do I have to answer the question before the app will start recording the next 200 metres?

Yes, you do. You have to submit an answer and hit continue before the app will record the metres you walk. The faster you answer the question, the more points you earn. You have 2 minutes to submit an answer. 

Whoops - I joined the wrong clan. What do I do?

It's fine. We can sort this out. Please call the Move On Up helpline: 021 043 6168 or 021 244 1616.

Is there a maximum duration that each person can play the game?

Yes, there is. There are 150 questions to answer. Once you have received all 150 questions, the game for you will end. You receive a question every time you walk 200 metres, so you will need to walk 30 kms for the game to end. It does mean that answering the questions correctly is important in order to get a good score.  

Do I need to keep my data on to play the game? 

No, you do not need to keep your data on to play. You do need data or WIFI to download the game.  Once you have the game on your device, you can play without data. 

However, you need data to view the leaderboard, chat with the event controller (us) or chat with your team mates. You also need to connect to data or WIFI before the game ends (12pm Friday), for your scores and results to update.  For these reasons, we recommend you play with data on. 

How do I see the leaderboard? 

Tap on the icon with the three people (2nd from left) at the bottom of your screen. You can view individual scores and team (clan) scores. 

How do I chat with the event controller or my team? 

Tap on the speech bubble icon at the bottom of your screen. Use the "i" tab to chat with us. Use the three people icon to chat with your team. 

Can I close the app and rejoin the game when I want to play again?

Yes, you can. To close the game, tap on the rectangle and arrow icon on the bottom right hand side of your screen, and select yes to exit.

To rejoin the game, open the app, tap on the 'ongoing' tab, select Move On Up and continue playing.

Why I am earning metres when I am not moving and I'm sitting still?  

The game is set to a super sensitive movement setting.  This allows us to track movement even when you walk, for example in a tight circle or a short distance inside.  The app is therefore sensitive to the gradual movement of the GPS satellites and the earth's rotation.  It is the same for all players. 

Rest assured, it is not possible to win the game by sitting still!