Move On Up (DIY event)

About this event

Move On Up is our latest mobile app event. 

Research shows that sitting at a desk all day is not good for our long-term health: we need to get up and move around every hour or so.

That's where Move On Up can help: it's the event that rewards your team for being active in simple ways as they go about their day.

Your team's mission is to earn as many points as possible by walking — that's right you earn points simply by walking as you go about your daily life. 

In fact, you can walk, run, bike, skip, hop, scoot, skate, cartwheel — any movement you like — as long as you stay under 30 km/hr.

The best part is that participants can be located anyway. Team members do not need to be in the same location, city or even country. So you can easily form cross-functional teams to build relationships across your company.

Move On Up can be an inter-team challenge (teams of 2-10+) or a competition involving your entire organisation. It can also be an individual competition amongst a smaller team. 

Challenges can be 2-3 hours, a single day or over multiple days such as a week, or the duration of a conference or project.   

The team with the most points wins! 

To order Move On Up now for your team or organisation, go to the top of this page, choose your group size, 'add to cart' and follow the prompts.

For groups of 500+, contact us for a quote.


Event details

Snapshot: A mobile app event that rewards teams for walking and any kind of movement under 30km/hr 

Location: Anywhere in New Zealand, Australia and worldwide

Duration: Any duration from 2 hours to multi-day

Participants: Groups of 4 - 500 +

Client review

"I am amazed at the engagement I’ve got from my team on this, it’s fantastic!".

Koren Cross, Frequency

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