Masterclass Series for Team Leaders: Topics

About our masterclass programme for team leaders

Modern leaders have a lot on their plates.

A team leader has to inspire people towards collective, goal-centred action and positive results on time and budget, whilst managing the delicate task of nurturing healthy cultures and wellbeing. 

Some days, it can feel like an elephant-sized mission. 

As a certified leadership and team coach, and leader of many teams, I see the common challenges that affect team leaders at all levels from different organisations — not least of all, having few people as an independent sounding board when responding to changing priorities or unexpected curveballs.

That's why I am running a regular masterclass series, where we 'get our teeth' into digestible topics that many team leaders want more help with. 

In each masterclass, you will gain:

  • a good understanding of the topic
  • practical tools and techniques that can be applied straight away, and
  • a greater sense of empowerment as a team leader or manager.

What makes my sessions really juicy is we go beyond the theory to explore and work through real scenarios and case studies. 

For those who want more tailored support with developing skills, confidence and culture, our certified coaches also offer one-on-one coaching by the hour and live workshops at our venue or yours.


Masterclass topics

Topic: How to have difficult conversations with staff

Leading people means having difficult conversations. It’s challenging. It’s confronting. There’s never the right time or the best time, so we put it off. We don’t feel equipped.

In this masterclass, you will discover:

  • what leadership qualities set you up for successful communication in any situation
  • how to prepare for difficult conversations
  • easy-to-use frameworks that will empower you to lead any difficult conversation
  • traps to avoid during difficult conversations
  • how to have positive conversations, and much more.


Topic: How to manage remote teams more effectively

Remote is here to stay. It's flexible, agile, and it's becoming an expected part of the work landscape. But managing remote teams presents challenges for leaders. We have long mastered Zoom/MS Teams, but we are beginning to realise there's more to this.

In this masterclass, you will discover:

  • The key principles of leading remote teams
  • How to keep your remote team connected
  • A simple tool that helps leaders take the guesswork out of managing remote staff
  • Ways to work with remote staff to keep them motivated and engaged.


Topic: How to create psychological safety at work

Psychological safety is essential to a happy, healthy, thriving workplace. When psychological safety is absent, people withhold ideas, questions and concerns because they do not feel that it is safe to speak up. Effective teams and organisations report a high degree of psychological safety.

In this masterclass, you will discover:

  • What psychological safety is
  • The importance of psychological safety in creating a healthy team culture
  • The tell-tale signs that psychological safety is absent
  • Simple steps to creating and maintaining psychological safety in any team.


Topic: How to boost your productivity

After a busy day in the office, do you go home to get your real work done? This is a seriously common problem and can mean you work long hours into the night and lead to resentment and burnout. Even if you start the day with good intentions and a clear to-do list, it's easy for incoming requests, meetings and a constant flow of email to erode your plans. There is a better way.

In this masterclass, you will discover:

  • The 4 types of procrastination and how to shift into action
  • The principles of effective time management
  • How to improve your focus and productivity
  • How to manage distractions and take control of your calendar
  • How to delegate and prioritise tasks more effectively.


Topic: How to inspire and motivate your team with coaching

Coaching is fast becoming a top skill in a team leader's toolbox. Rather than micromanaging or a command-and-control leadership style, modern leaders seek to trust and inspire people to perform and create positive impact. Coaching is one of the most effective ways to motivate and inspire team members, and enrol them into co-creating your team's mission. As a coach, you can help team members overcome setbacks, adapt to change and develop healthy work habits.

In this masterclass, you will discover:

  • why coaching is a key skill for leading your team
  • the core competencies of a good coach
  • 7 essential coaching questions you can easily use
  • how to tap into what motivates each team member
  • coaching to overcome a setback and adopt a growth mindset
  • coaching to create healthy work habits.


Topic: How to write effective emails 

We all agree that email is a valuable communication tool, but we are drowning in emails. Sometimes, emails are intrusive, distracting, overwhelming, or hard to interpret. How many hours a day do you spend on email? Led by communications specialist, Alice Hearnshaw, this practical masterclass will help you write clear, concise, impactful emails.

In this masterclass, you will discover:

  • when to use email to communicate
  • how to write with your readers in mind
  • how to structure email and write a useful subject line
  • how much content to put in an email
  • how to use plain language
  • how to make searching for old emails easier.


      Programme details

      Cost: $1940 + GST for 5 people to attend 3 sessions, $2875 + GST for 5 people to attend 5 sessions

      Audience:  For new, emerging and developing leaders

      Numbers: Minimum of 5 (maximum of 20)

      Location: Live online training via Zoom 

      Duration: 2.5 hours online 

      Recordings: Available on request only

      Your lead trainer:  Nic Preddle 

      • CluedUp Founder and Director
      • Team Coaching Foundations Certified Coach
      • Team building specialist
      • Facilitator of The Institute of Management of New Zealand's Team Leader Essentials and Leadership Essentials programmes. 
      • Certified Flow Consultant

      Equipment requirements: 

      • Internet connection
      • Computer with webcam
      • Online meeting software (Zoom)  

      Client review

      As a result of these workshops, I’m confident that our team are now better prepared in their roles as leaders and have a deeper understanding about what “leadership” is and why it is vital to the development of a successful team and a healthy and sustainable business. "
      Tony Mills | General Manager | March Cato