About this event

GO KART GO! is a team-based event that focuses participants on planning, strategy, problem-solving , resource management and teamwork. Teams must build a ‘people-powered’ kart and then put their kart to the test in a series of challenges.

The event is in 3 parts...

In Part One, teams receive a list of all of the resources in the challenge. Some of the items are essential, teams must acquire these in order to move onto part two. Some items are optional – they are non-essential but will provide your team with a competitive advantage. Teams take part in a head-to-head challenge to obtain as many resources as possible.

Once teams have all the essential items, they move to Part Two. Teams then build and test their kart in preparation for the challenges. The karts are ‘people-powered’ so teams must work out the best and most efficient design. Karts must all pass a WOF test to ensure they are safe and ready for action! Extra points up for grabs here too!

In Part Three, teams put their kart to the test in a series of team-based challenges. The challenges can be done indoors in a large gymnasium (or similar) or outside on a flat grass area/field. Challenges include collecting balls, negotiating the course without spilling water and the all-important ‘pit-stop challenge’ where the team must change riders.

The event concludes with a points tally, announcement of the winning team and prize-giving where we acknowledge teams and individuals.

Event details

Snapshot: Teams design and build a people powered kart and test their design with a series of challenges. 

Duration:  2 to 3 hours

Participants: Minimum of 6 people, maximum 24

Location: Wellington, Kapiti Coast, Palmerston North, Wairarapa, lower North Island. 

Client review

“The participants had an awesome time. It really was a great way to start the conference. I have found the whole CluedUp team so obliging and easy to deal with, a real pleasure to work with.”

Janet Manners, Mico Plumbing, New Zealand