Checkpoint Chase (DIY Event)

About this event

With Checkpoint Chase (DIY), you can download our mobile app and easily manage and run your own Amazing Race style event.

Checkpoint Chase is strategic competition at its finest. Using our mobile app for navigation, teams must locate hidden checkpoints and complete tasks in order to outsmart their opponents. 

Fortune favours the brave and only one team will come out on top! Travelling on foot (or in vehicles) teams compete at their own pace and can decide which checkpoints to visit in order to gain the most points and ‘play to their strengths'.

This event can be done in any outdoor location for any size group — no group is too small or too big!

Event details

Snapshot: Run your own team event with our mobile app. Events can be done in any location, with no limit on numbers.

Type: Do-It-Yourself, Mobile App Event

Location: Anywhere in the world

Duration: 1-2 hours recommended

Participants: 5-5000+ people

Client review

"Thanks to you and your team. Our DIY event went well. Everyone really enjoyed the challenge."

Melissa Moroney, KPMG 

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