About this event

Around the World is a fun, interactive and dynamic team event where you pit your talents and wits against the other competing countries in a range of challenges to determine which country rules them all!

Your group is split into teams (countries). Each country is issued with a unique Around the World ‘passport’. This is their access to travel to the other continents to take part in the Around the World challenges.

The challenges are based on food, sports, arts / culture and general knowledge from around the world. For example, the Italian pasta challenge, the calligraphy challenge, the New Zealand human sheep wrangle, the South American / Mayan ancient tablet and mask making. The challenges are selected on an event by event basis subject to numbers taking part, venues, time frames etc.

A key part of the event is the strategy teams bring to the challenge. They need to allocate staff to the specific challenges within each continent – thereby giving teams the choice of who does what at each location. Of course there are plenty of surprises and opportunities for ‘global crisis’ with penalties for continental ‘mess-ups’.

The round robin format is high energy and interactive as teams and continents strive to get the most ‘visa’ stamps on their passport. After all the teams with the most ‘visas’ is crowned ‘Champions of the World!’ The event ends with the prize giving and announcement of the winning country.

This event works equally well as a daytime event (indoors or outdoors) or an evening event with a meal designed to match the theme.

Event details

Snapshot: Fun, interactive team event consisting of hands-on challenges from all corners of the globe. Can be done as a daytime or evening event. 

Duration: 2 hours or during your evening meal

Participants: Minimum of 9 people

Location: Your choice of venue in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton, Rotorua, Tauranga, Taupo, Palmerston North, Dunedin, Queenstown, Wanaka, New Plymouth or anywhere in New Zealand

Client review

"Thank you and your team so much for Saturday night, I’ve had fantastic feedback from everyone who attended telling me it was definitely one of the best functions they have attended in a long time".

Angie Harvie, Mainzeal Building & Construction, New Zealand