About As A Team 

You can't just put people together and expect them to work together as a team.

Working as a team requires collective responsibility, a high degree of attention to others, honest communication and a willingness to accept personal inconvenience to achieve the team's purpose.

In As A Team, a CluedUp team coach works with your entire team to build collective responsibility and help the team to create greater value in their engagements with each other, your organisation and its stakeholders.

We will coach your team to stop working in a team and start working as a team.

The programme has three phases with these outcomes:

Phase 1: Discovery and Insight (2-4 weeks)

  • Discover what type of team you are, how you currently function, what is working and areas for improvement
  • Uncover your current patterns, behaviours and norms
  • Gain insight into your existing levels of trust and psychological safety
  • Identify all of the internal and external systems that affect how you operate
  • Understand your team’s barriers to performance

Phase 2: Foundation & Framework (4-8 weeks)

  • Get super clear about why your team exists
  • Create a purpose that truly motivates and inspires your team
  • Agree and affirm a collective responsibility that binds your team together and holds everyone accountable
  • Equip your team with the tools and skills to embrace conflict, have difficult conversations, give constructive feedback to build trust, improve relationships and team performance.

Phase 3: Flow (4-8 weeks)

  • Empower the team with a higher degree of collective belief by aligning their personal and team values
  • Identify opportunities to increase and leverage the contribution each person makes to the team
  • Identify opportunities to increase and leverage the contribution the team makes to your organisation
  • Define what your team and its individual members need to learn and how this will contribute to the team’s purpose and responsibilities 
  • Develop a plan to build up the leadership capability of your team

We recommend 3-6 months to complete the three phases.

You can engage us to deliver the programme phase by phase, or take the plunge and commit to the full programme. 

The programme includes:

  1. One-on-one Introduction Call with the Business Owner and/or Team Leader to understand your team, your challenges and your goals
  2. Discovery Session with your wider team
  3. Team Diagnostic Survey completed by each member of your team 
  4. Five workshops with your team to achieve the above outcomes  
  5. Two 30-minute Check-in Sessions with the Business Owner and/or Team Leader   

Programme details

Audience: Any team, any organisation, any sector that wants to build collective responsibility and boost its performance.

Numbers: Minimum of 5, maximum of 16

Location: Wherever you are. We can come to your offices or an off-site venue. The programme can also be delivered entirely online for remote teams.  

Workshop format:  The workshops can be delivered to suit the needs of your team. For example:

  • Five full days (face-to-face)
  • Nine half-day sessions (3 hours per session, face-to-face or online)
  • Combination of the above

Your trainer:  Nic Preddle

  • CluedUp Founder and Director
  • Team Coaching Foundations Certified Coach
  • Leadership Coach
  • Facilitator of The Institute of Management of New Zealand's Leadership Essentials and Elevate Your Leadership programmes. 
  • Certified Flow Consultant
  • Team Building Specialist

Cost:  The programme cost varies depending on the size of your team, workshop format (face-to-face vs online) and workshop location. Contact us for a quote. 

    Client review

    "We all really appreciated your expertise. We definitely achieved our objectives. Your attention to detail and knowledge on the key drivers behind building successful teams helped shape a great outcome for our team.”
    Andrew Doube, New Zealand Minerals and Petroleum