Checkpoint Chase (DIY Event)

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About this event

Checkpoint Chase is strategic competition at its finest. Using our latest user-friendly mobile app, teams must locate checkpoints and complete tasks in order to outsmart their opponents.

We supply you with easy-to-follow instructions. All you have to do is download the app, share the code and away you go!

Players play is teams of 2-6 per team. Only one person in each team needs to download and use the app. 

Fortune favours the brave and only one team will come out on top! The key to Checkpoint Chase is strategy! Travelling on foot (or in vehicles) teams compete at their own pace and can decide which checkpoints to visit in order to gain the most points and ‘play to their strengths’. During the event, teams can also earn the chance to ‘find bonus treasures’ or ‘set a trap' for another team.

The Checkpoint tasks are varied with an array of point values up for grabs. From brain teasers, team activities and photo challenges, the checkpoints can be customised to include themes from your industry, anecdotal information on participants and/or questions related directly to your day to day operations and/or business themes.

Once the time is up, teams are navigated to the end location to share results, photos and to announce the champs!

The event is portable and can be run virtually anywhere. You can choose from one of our existing courses or we can design an event in a location of your choice.

Checkpoint Chase is fun, strategic, challenging and can be as energetic or relaxed as you like. As an optional extra teams can compete for a charity of their choice with the prize money being donated on their behalf!

This event can be done for any size group — no group is too small or too big!


You can order your Checkpoint Chase today by choosing your group size and clicking 'Add to Cart' at the top of this page.

  • Up to 10 people $400 + GST
  • Up to 20 people $500 + GST
  • Up to 30 people $600 + GST
  • Up to 50 people $750 + GST
  • Up to 100 people $900 + GST

Optional extras:

  • Customised clues. Inclusion of clues and tasks about your organisation / industry / group. Additional cost $100 + GST
  • Virtual host. CluedUp host to meet and greet, answer questions and host your event virtually via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Additional cost $200 + GST
  • Wrap-up presentation. PowerPoint presentation of final scores/results and event photos sent to you at the end of the event. Additional cost $100 + GST

Event details

Snapshot: Run your own team event with our mobile app. Events can be done in any location, with no limit on numbers.

Type: Do-It-Yourself, Mobile App Event

Location: Anywhere in the world

Duration: 1-2 hours recommended

Participants: 5-5000+ people

Client review

"The event was brilliant, absolutely brilliant. I did not hear one negative comment, not one complaint.There was so much laughter, so much fun and humour. I would recommend this to anyone. Sincere thanks."

.Ash Maindonald, Principal, Western Heights School