About this event

That’s Crafty is a fun and memorable event challenge. It combines all the best elements of a scavenger hunt / adventure race event with a craft beer tour. It is fun and educational and provides a fun competitive element to keep everyone challenged and invigorated!

Teams can travel on foot, via public transport or in vehicles (with a designated sober driver of course!) to complete the challenge. Teams are guided by mobile app to locations around your chosen area. First they must locate checkpoints and solve clues. When they have answered the prescribed number of checkpoint clues, they ‘unlock’ a pit stop and make their way there.

The pitstops are selected bars, venues and breweries that offer craft beers and other beverages. At the pit stop, they partake in a taste test challenge and interact with the brewers. Then it's off to the next locations, to solve clues and (hopefully) find the next pit stop!

The event is a competition. Teams are collecting points as they go for answering clues and completing the taste tests. Teams will also take photos at each location.

The event concludes with all groups assembling at the final pit stop where the best photos are shown the winners announced along with spot prizes. This can take place over food and drinks at a venue of your choice.

Event details

Snapshot: The perfect blend of scavenger hunt and craft beer tour. Teams are guided by mobile app to solve clues and find the pitstop locations. Perfect for a social outing, or team building activity. 

Duration:  2 hours on foot

Participants: Minimum of 6 people, maximum of 20

Location:  Wellington only

Client review

"The team are nonstop talking about how awesome your event was. Everyone had a great time. It was clearly the highlight of the entire 2 days. It's been awesome working with you, thanks for everything".

Riki Dodunski, Inghams