One Bite at a Time: Leadership Masterclass Series

About this Masterclass Series

Modern leaders have a lot on their plates.

A team leader has to inspire people towards collective, goal-centred action and positive results on time and on budget, whilst managing the delicate task of nurturing healthy cultures and wellbeing. 

Some days, it can feel like an elephant-sized mission.

As a leadership and team coach, I see the common challenges that affect team leaders at all levels from different organisations — not least of all, having few people as a sounding board when responding to changing priorities or unexpected curveballs.

That's why I am running a regular masterclass series, where we 'get our teeth' into meaty topics that many team leaders I meet want more help with.  

In each masterclass, you will gain:

  • a good understanding of the topic
  • practical tools and techniques that can be applied straight away, and
  • a greater sense of empowerment as a team leader or manager.

What makes my sessions really juicy is we go beyond the theory to explore and work through real scenarios.

July-August topics

Topic 1: How to have difficult conversations with staff

Thursday 13 July, 2-5pm on Zoom

Topic 2: How to manage remote teams more effectively

Friday 28 July, 2-5pm on Zoom

Topic 3: How to create psychological safety at work

Thursday 10 August, 2-5pm on Zoom

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