Team Box (DIY Team Building)


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About this event

Team Box is a self-run DIY team building experience that is guaranteed that get your team laughing, interacting, working together and having a great time! 

Team Box is serious fun. It begins with your team gathering to find a large cardboard box on a table top. The excitement builds as you gather in anticipation of what’s inside.

Inside the box, there’s activities that are pure fun alongside ones that work on skills such as teamwork and communication. Activities include:

  • Quick-fire Five, a fun quick-fire activity to set the scene and get everyone in the mood
  • Slap Tap, a co-ordination challenge that will test the group’s powers of concentration
  • The Missing Coin, use your deduction skills to find the hidden coin
  • The Trading Game, employ your best negotiation skills to outsmart your opponents
  • It's OK, Not OK... a light-hearted game that explores different attitudes to life

Team Box takes one hour to complete and is designed for groups of 5-20 people.

Each activity takes 5-15 minutes to do, so the session moves along quickly and effortlessly.

Team Box is entirely self-led. The group must choose a different person to lead each activity. The instructions are super easy to understand and follow. The final part of Team Box sees your team opening the final mini-box to reveal a gift for every member of your team.

Team Box can be purchased as a one-off team event, or in packages of 3 or 6 boxes at discounted prices. It can be delivered monthly or on-demand (10 days notice required).

One-off Team Box: $250 + GST plus shipping

3 Team Boxes: $225 + GST per box. Total $675 + GST plus shipping

6 Team Boxes: $199 + GST per box. Total $1194 + GST plus shipping

For remote or virtual teams, check out our virtual Team Box equivalent Team Boost

Event details

Snapshot: A DIY team building experience that is delivered to you in a box.

Type: Do-It-Yourself, 

Location: Anywhere in NZ. Activities are done indoors

Duration: 1 hour recommended

Participants: 5-20 people

Client review

"Thanks for an awesome Team Box session. The laughter that filled the room when completing the activities was hilarious. We wished we’d done it earlier in our programme to really break down the barriers because that is exactly what it does. It is such fun and everyone can get involved. I love that you can carry out the activities pretty much anywhere. I’d recommend Team Box for any ice-breaker or team building event”.
Haley Rowe-Manson, Principal Advisor Organisational Development, Porirua City Council