Diamond Dash (DIY Event)

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About this event

With Diamond Dash (DIY), you can download our mobile app and easily manage and run your own Amazing Race style event.

Diamond Dash is a fun, memorable and challenging outdoor event experience. Teams travel on foot (or in vehicles) to checkpoint locations. They are guided by GPS via a user-friendly mobile app.

Players play is teams of 2-6 per team. Only one person in each team needs to download and use the app. 

On arrival at a checkpoint, the app then delivers a clue to solve, photo to take or challenge to complete. The objective is simple: visit as many checkpoints as possible and complete as many of the tasks as possible.

Once teams have visited a certain number of checkpoints they are presented with the bonus challenges – the Coin Catch and the ultimate challenge, the Diamond Dash. Here they must capture ‘virtual coins and diamonds’ that have been hidden around the game map / location. They must capture coins and diamonds by visiting the checkpoint locations. If they can capture 5 coins or diamonds in 10 minutes, they receive bonus points.

This event can be done in any outdoor location for any size group — no group is too small or too big!


You can order your Diamond Dash today by choosing your group size and clicking 'Add to Cart' at the top of this page.

  • Up to 10 people $400 + GST
  • Up to 20 people $500 + GST
  • Up to 30 people $600 + GST
  • Up to 50 people $750 + GST
  • Up to 100 people $900 + GST

Optional extras:

  • Customised clues. Inclusion of clues and tasks about your organisation / industry / group. Additional cost $100 + GST
  • Virtual host. CluedUp host to meet and greet, answer questions and host your event virtually via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Additional cost $200 + GST
  • Wrap-up presentation. PowerPoint presentation of final scores/results and event photos sent to you at the end of the event. Additional cost $100 + GST

Event details

Snapshot: Run your own team event with our mobile app. Events can be done in any location, with no limit on numbers.

Type: Do-It-Yourself, Mobile App Event

Location: Anywhere in the world

Duration: 1-2 hours recommended

Participants: 5-5000+ people

Client review

"So, so, so much fun. It went really well!! We are absolutely planning to have another round at some point in time. I can’t thank you guys enough for your help. You’ve been wonderful!"

Sophia Outemzabet, Aida Sales