The Do You Know Show Event: FAST NZ Final Results

FAST NZ Event: Wednesday 6 May, 6pm

Thanks so taking part in last night's Do You Know Show. We really enjoyed ourselves and we hope you did too!

We loved the diverse range of creative outfits and backgrounds. 

Congratulations to 3 and a half men for taking out first place. 

Here's the final results:

  1. 3 and a half men   161 points
  2. Lonely Island   139
  3. Drop Table Questions  133
  4. Joe Exotic and the Big Cats  129
  5. Fong Scone   124
  6. Wu-han Clan   119
  7. Jim's Angels   115
  8. A team has no name   114
  9. Stragglers   110
  10. Quarantine Machine   109
  11. rfrQuizAnswers   109
  12. 4 guys up at 5am   107
  13. Isolationcation   85

If you enjoyed the show, please let us know by leaving a comment and/or liking us on our Facebook page: 

Be kind and stay safe out there!

From the CluedUp team: Nic, Malcolm and Andy 

Client review

"What a hilarious and fun-filled night. Thank you so much. You guys rock."

Teena Ohlsen, Marketing Manager, MasterTrade Association, New Zealand

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