FAST NZ Event: Wednesday 6 May, 6pm

Hello and welcome! You are reading this page because you are attending the above event on Wednesday. 

We are really looking forward to entertaining you!

There are 13 teams taking part.

One team will take away the coveted title of FAST NZ 'Do You Know Show' champs!

Points for the best dressed team!

You've got a great team name and we are looking forward to seeing your great team outfit!

The team with the best outfit will get 10 bonus points. Outfits include matching clothing, stunning head gear, kooky mascots and creative Zoom backgrounds!

What you need for the event:

  • Internet connection
  • A laptop, PC, or tablet with a webcam to view the show via Zoom
  • Zoom software on your laptop, PC or tablet (free sign up at if you don't already have it)
  • A separate mobile device (smart phone or tablet. Tablet is better if you have one)  
  • The Do You Know Show Game loaded onto your mobile device* (see below)
  • 2 sheets of A4 paper
  • A marker pen such as a vivid or white board marker (the thicker, the better)

* To load the game, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the Action Track App

Search for "ActionTrack" in the App Store (for an Apple device) or in the Play Store (Android). Look for the icon below. It is free to download.

When prompted, allow it to access your location.

Step 2: Open the App

Step 3: Tap on 'Scan a join code' and scan the QR code below.


Step 4: Tap "DOWNLOAD" to download the game to your device (this may take 2-3 minutes)  

Step 5:  Do not tap "START NOW".  Tap "LATER". 

(if you do tap "Start Now" just tap "cancel" to return to the previous screen)

The game is now loaded onto your device. Note, there is no advantage in starting before Wednesday night as you need more instructions on how to use the App.   

Zoom link to join the event

Join Zoom Meeting

Please join the event between 5.50pm and 6pm.

We will start at 6pm sharp. 


Connecting with your teammates during the event

The Do You Know Show moves along at a fairly fast pace.

There's very little opportunity to chat or consult with your team during the event. If you do want to chat / connect with your own team along the way, then we suggest you set up a separate What's App group. 

See you there!

Client review

"What a hilarious and fun-filled night. Thank you so much. You guys rock."

Teena Ohlsen, Marketing Manager, MasterTrade Association, New Zealand