Team Box Digital (Monthly online team building)

Happy teams don't happen by chance

You can’t just take a group of people, call them a "team" and expect them to function as a happy, effective team. 

Happy teams are created and nurtured over time. This requires a proven approach to team development.

We're on a mission to help teams and team leaders unlock their potential and create workplaces that people love.

That's why we've created TeamBox.

What is TeamBox?

TeamBox is a unique and sustainable approach to team building. It’s a team building experience that is delivered to you once a month online. 

TeamBox is serious fun. It ensures your team has rewarding team experiences on a regular basis, and does not leave "team" to chance.

It is packed full of original, fun activities that help your team connect with each other, establish an enduring team culture and improve productivity. 

Even the anticipation of your monthly box arriving and opening it together as a team will generate a real buzz. 

    What’s actually in each box?

    Each box is packed full of activities. Each activity is carefully crafted to focus on one specific outcome, such as:

    • having fun and a good laugh together
    • creating a strong team identity
    • developing teamwork
    • building culture
    • improving communication
    • conducting effective meetings
    • delegating tasks
    • giving and receiving feedback
    • learning skills and systems to improve productivity.

    Each activity takes 5-15 minutes and comes with easy-to-follow instructions.

    Each activity can be led by anyone in your team.

    Boxes will include competitions and other fun challenges.

    How many people is it for? How long does it take?

    TeamBox is for teams of 6 to 20 people. It’s entirely DIY. It takes one hour to do all of the tasks. You can do it in one sitting, or in bursts throughout the month.  

    You can do TeamBox in one 60-minute session or break it up into several smaller sessions, whatever suits you.

    We support your team with a monthly email and a welcome phone call.

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