Remote Flow

About the Remote Flow programme

This March we all felt like we've been catapulted into a brave new world, with little time to prepare and think.

Some businesses simply can't operate in lockdown. Some essential businesses must operate.

Businesses that can move to remote working, are trying to make it work and adapt fast. Remote Flow is for this kind of business.

Remote Flow combines a proven team profiling tool with practical strategies to help your team to find its flow and develop a sense of team whilst working remotely in lockdown.

Remote Flow takes the proven methodology of Talent Dynamics from Entrepreneurs Institute, used by thousands of businesses around the world, and re-purposes it specifically for remote teams.

Your team will:

  • Understand each other better
  • Learn their individual strengths
  • Gain insights to the unique make-up of your team
  • Create effective ways of working together remotely

You will get:

  1. a 30-minute kick-off session so I can understand your team, your current challenges and your goals
  2. a Talent Dynamics personality profile for each team member (completed online in 10 minutes) providing insights into what makes each person tick and what they need to function and feel fulfilled whilst working remotely 
  3. a team profile showing the combined profiles of your whole team
  4. a customized 1-hour online workshop to unpack how your team best works together, how you can play to your strengths and be effective whilst working remotely in lockdown
  5. a 30-minute final debrief between me and your team leader.

Programme details

AudienceTeams working remotely in lockdown

Numbers: Minimum of 4, maximum of 20

Location: Wherever you are. This programme is delivered entirely online.

Your trainer:  Remote Flow is facilitated by CluedUp founder and Creative Director, Nic Preddle. Nic is a certified Flow Consultant and Wellington branch representative for the Entrepreneurs Institute.

Equipment requirements for each team member: 

  • Internet connection
  • Computer with webcam
  • Online meeting software (such as Zoom) 

Client review

"From the start, you were so helpful, informative, listened to our needs and always there if we needed anything. Our aim was to bring our three teams together and ensure that all teams communicate with each other from an early stage. The feedback that I have received from my colleagues has been great – It was different, involving, creative and the message was very clear".
Holly Claeys, Business Analyst, Competenz NZ

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