Race to Base (DIY Event)

About this event

With our user-friendly smart phone app, you can now run your very own fun, action-packed Amazing Race style event!

Race to Base is an exciting, interactive outdoor adventure which relies on teamwork, problem solving and having fun!

Teams travel on foot, in vehicles or on bikes around the Race to Base course to solve clues and complete a variety of fun, interactive tasks. They are competing against other teams to find ‘base’ quicker than any other team. In this event, just one team wins!

Teams receive clues, instructions and navigational guidance on their smart phones (or other portable device) via our user-friendly mobile app. We supply you with easy-to-follow instructions. All you have to do is download the app, share the code and away you go!

Each checkpoint presents a different challenge – teams will find themselves solving clues and completing a series of more involved problem-solving challenges.

Teams all visit the same locations but in a different random / shuffled order. Teams can also make or lose time depending on how they complete the challenges. This means that the first team back is not necessarily the winner. Everyone has to wait until the wrap-up to hear the results!

Race to Base ends with a race de-brief, a presentation of the results and prize giving ceremony. This can take place over drinks and refreshments at a bar or venue of your choice.

You just need to tell us where, when, how many people and how long you want to go for. We'll design a challenge to suit your group, set up all the clues and tasks, send you the easy to follow instructions, log-in details and away you go - it really is that easy!  


You can order your Race to Base today by choosing your group size and clicking 'Add to Cart' at the top of this page.

  • Up to 10 people $300 + GST
  • Up to 20 people $400 + GST
  • Up to 30 people $500 + GST
  • Up to 50 people $600 + GST
  • Up to 100 people $800 + GST

Optional extras:

  • Customised clues. Inclusion of clues and tasks about your organisation / industry / group. Additional cost $100 + GST
  • Virtual host. CluedUp host to meet and greet, answer questions and start your event via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Additional cost $100 + GST
  • Wrap-up presentation. PowerPoint presentation of final scores/results and event photos sent to you at the end of the event. Additional cost $100 + GST

Event details

Snapshot: A high tech Amazing Race style event that you can run yourself with our user-friendly mobile app. Can be done on foot or in vehicles, in any location and for any number of participants

Location: Anywhere in the world

Duration: 1-3 hours

Participants: 5-5000+ people

Client review

"We all had so much fun. As everyone said – you will never get disappointed if the activities are organised by CluedUp".

Adila Bajema, ASPEQ

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