Move On Up Info Page: 14-15 October 2021

Kia ora and welcome to Move On Up!

Thanks for taking part in Move On Up. 

Congratulations to our winning team: WRI Try Not

Congratulations to our individual winner: Simon from Fish Bowl

Final results:

The final results are available here.   

Start Code:

The Start Code will published here at 8am on Thursday morning. Please download the app first.

Start instructions

1. Enter the start code

2.  Tap 'Download'

3. Tap 'Start now'

4. 'Who are you?' = enter your own name here, not your team name

5. Select your team from the team list (make sure you pick the right team!)

6. Follow the instructions, get moving and move on up the leader board!


Alert Level 2/3

Move on Up is going ahead in Alert Levels 2 and 3.  Please ensure you comply with all Alert Level restrictions in place in your location. Stay safe and have fun. 

Register your team(s) by 5pm Wednesday

The cut-off time to register a team is 5pm this Wednesday 13 October. We will not be accepting any late registrations. To register a team, please email your team name to: 

Teams - minimum and maximum size

The minimum team size is 2, the maximum number is 6. The more people you have in your team, the more points you can earn.  

There is NO LIMIT to the number of teams that can enter from one organisation. So it's time to get cracking and enter as many teams as possible. 

Game duration

The challenge starts at 8am on Thursday 14 October and ends at 4pm on Friday 15 October. 

Download the App | Allow it to share your location 

To play the game, every players needs the Action Track app.

1.   Download the app from the App Store (Apple) or Play Store (Android). Look for the above icon.

2.  If prompted, allow the app to access your location. This is important as the App uses the GPS on the device to track your movement.

3. Check that your “Location Services” are turned on.
For Apple: settings > privacy > location services > on
For Android: settings > connections > location > on

Game overview

  • The app needs to be open on your device to track you moving.
  • The app will remain open in the background, tracking your moves, unless you close it.
  • You will earn 100 points when you move 200 metres.
  • After moving 200 metres, you will receive a question to answer.  
  • You need to submit an answer before the app will start tracking you again. You cannot 'bank' the challenges and answer them later. 
  • Many of the Brain Teasers are on a time limit of two minutes. The faster you solve them, the more points you earn.
  • You have only one attempt to answer each challenge
  • If you travel faster than 30km/hr, the app will stop tracking you!

Maximum number of Challenges

  • The total number of challenges is 150
  • If you complete all 150 challenges (that's 30 kms!), your game will end. You can not play again. 


  • The individual with the highest score will win a FREE CluedUp event for their team.  
  • The team with the highest score will win a FREE CluedUp event for their organisation.

Leader Board on Facebook

Final results

    Q + A

    The app says I am out of the activity area. I appear to be in Europe. What do I do? 
    • Check that your “Location Services” are turned on. 
      For Apple: Settings > privacy > location services > on
      For Android: Settings > connections > location > on
    • Allow Action Track to access your location
      For Apple: Settings > Action Track > Location > While Using the App
      For AndroidSettings > Apps > Action Track > Permissions > Location > on
    How do I close the app? How do I rejoin the game? 
    • To close the app, tap the 'rectangle' icon at the bottom right of the screen.
    • Tap "yes" to exit to main menu.
    • To rejoin the game, open the app, tap the ongoing tab, select "Move On Up' and tap continue.
    Do I need to have my data on to play the game?  
    • We recommend leaving data on but once you have downloaded the game, you can play with your data off.
    • If you play with data off, you do need to connect to Wi-Fi or data for your score to update and count towards the final scores.
    • We recommend you do this at least once a day and certainly by 4pm on Friday.
    I moved 5kms today but only got one challenge?  Why is that?
    • Every time you move 200 metres with the app open, you get a challenge. 
    • You need to answer the challenge before the app starts tracking your next 200 metres. You cannot 'bank' the challenges and answer them later.
    • You must move 200m, answer the challenge, move 200m, answer the challenge, and so on.
    Should I leave my sound on? 
    • Yes, it's a good idea. The app will notify you when you have moved 200 metres.
    • Turn sound off if you don't want to disturb others! 
    I accidentally joined the wrong team? What do I do?
    • Whoops, that's fine, it happens. You will need to start again
    • Please call the helpline below


    If you need help, call:

    Jeremy 022 596 7957

    Nic 021 244 1616


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