Get Out Now Warehouse Stationery / Noel Leeming 9 September 2020

Get ready to "Get Out Now", 3.30pm Wednesday 9 September.

Hi there!

We are really looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday.

The teams are:

Team 1: Jason Fuller (Captain), Courtney Sawyer, Raj Sharma, Jess Keiller, Mike Ross

Team 2: Prasad Parera (Captain), Glen Norton, Nirav Brahmbhatt, Liam Gould

Team 3: Clint Wagener (Captain), James Ballinger, Aroha Oleary, Caleb Breen, Greg Edmonds

Team 4:  Phil Mafileo (Captain), Rachel Seary, Saleem Baig, Andrew Zou

Team 5: Eric Kiasar (Captain), Josh Tait, Bharat Lebakula, Vince Hartley

Team 6: Sapan Singh (Captain), David Hartley, Kunwar Suri, Karina Gibbs, Gregory Paul

Team 7: Kapil Savaliya (Captain), Gary Williams, Ron Prasad, Imran Sills, Areta Aufai

Team 8: Anthony Walker (Captain), Farnjalin Lal, Tony Thapar, Wade Flavell, Norman Iopu

Team 9: Alan Heape (Captain), Anju Joshi, Johann Venter, Raj Singh, Gareth Geange 


You will join the event via Zoom (details below).  

If you want to share the same computer / Zoom connection as other people, they must in the same team as you. 


Captain's briefing

Thanks to the Captain's for attending yesterday's briefing.  

Please download these two apps to your device before the event. Please also remember to rename your device to [e.g. your name iphone] so we know it is yours.

App #1 - Action Track

Search for "ActionTrack" in the App Store (if using an Apple device) or the Play Store (for Android). Look for the icon below. 

When prompted, allow it to access your location.

App #2 – Zoom

Search for "Zoom" in the App Store (if using an Apple device) or the Play Store (for Android). Look for the icon below. It is free to download


Zoom link to join the event on Wednesday

To connect via Zoom you need a PC, laptop or tablet with:

  • Internet connection
  • Webcam
  • Zoom software 

To join the event on Wednesday, click on this link:


We will open the Waiting Room at 3.15pm. Please join the meeting between 3.15pm and 3.30pm. We will start at 3.30pm sharp. 

Help and trouble shooting


Call: 021 244 1616


See you there!

 Client Review

"The event was brilliant – EVERYONE enjoyed it and were so impressed with how it all worked"

Sarah Graham, Orthopaedic Services