Game On! IHC NZ 23 November 2023

Game On for IHC New Zealand, Thursday 23 November, 11am-12.30pm

Kia ora and welcome!

We are looking forward to entertaining you at the above event.  It's going to be heaps of fun.

About Game On!

Game On! is a fast paced, hugely entertaining and engaging live online game. 

Warning: laughter and (virtual) high fives are guaranteed!

Game On! is hosted in Zoom by a CluedUp Game Master and our technical support team. Players will use a super user-friendly mobile app to receive instructions and submit answers.

You can play the game on your own, however for those of you in face-to-face friendships, you can join together using one Zoom link and one device.   

We conclude with a wrap-up where we share highlights such as the most interesting and impressive facts and stories and of course announce the final scores and the winners!


Please confirm your attendance to Tamsyn by Thursday 16 November by texting 022 015 7166 or email   

What you need:

  • Internet connection
  • A laptop or PC with a webcam 
  • Zoom link (see below)
  • A mobile device: smart phone or tablet (tablet is better if you have one). It must be a separate device to the one you are using to join the Zoom meeting
  • The Action Track app installed on your mobile device (see below)

Zoom link to join the event  

Click on the link above to join the game. We will open the Zoom meeting at 10.30am. Please join us anytime from 10.30am to get connected and settle in for a 11am start.  

Make sure you have downloaded the Action Track app to a mobile device. You can not take part without the app.

Download the Action Track app

Search for "ActionTrack" in the App Store (for an Apple device) or in the Play Store (Android). Look for the icon below. It is free to download.

The minimum operating systems are: Apple/ iPhone iOS 11; Android 7. 

If prompted, allow it to access your location.

That's it, you are set and ready to go. 

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday 23 November.


If you need help, please get in touch:

CluedUp (04) 380 2570

See you there!

The CluedUp team