About this event

"Food to Die For" is an interactive murder mystery event and 3-course catered lunch or dinner set at CluedUp's venue, Arcus.kiwi, on the Kāpiti Coast.

Starting up a catering business named "Food To Die For" seemed like a good idea to passionate foodie and master chef, Jonty Dough. But as he soon discovers, it is a recipe for disaster. 

An intricate web of lies and deceit sees his kitchen spinning rapidly out of control, resulting in a mysterious death.

Piecing the clues together, your team or group must decide whether a sinister murder has been cooked up or whether an unfortunate culinary accident has taken place. Maybe even one of you has blood on his or her hands!

This limited-edition event presents a wonderful opportunity for teams or groups from Wellington, Kāpiti and Palmerston North to celebrate and bond over a memorable occasion that you'll long be talking about.

Take the train home or hire a mini-bus, and get everyone home safely.

First in, first served: 
Choose from lunch 11.30-3.30pm or dinner 5.30-9.30pm on 9 Nov or 16 Nov 2023

Event details

Snapshot: A sumptuous 3-course meal served with a side of murder. An interactive murder mystery lunch or dinner, where your group or team must work together to solve the case. 

Dates: Choose from Thursday 9 Nov or 16 Nov 2023

Times: Choose from two sittings: lunch 11.30-3.30pm and dinner 5.30-9.30pm

Numbers: 10-25 people

Location: The Arcus Venue run by CluedUp on the Kāpiti Coast, 45 minutes from Wellington Station, and very close to Waikanae, Te Horo, Ōtaki and Paraparaumu

Price: $2,200, plus $40 + GST per person for a sumptuous 3-course meal (V, DF, GF options available)

Client review

"This evening by far exceeded my expectations! It was the most fun I have had in such a long time. My husband really enjoyed it as well, and everyone at our table was blown away by the effort that had gone into it."

Melanie Upton , Vodafone, New Zealand