Diamond Dash Duncan Cotterill Friday 20 November

Diamond Dash Duncan Cotterill, Friday 20 November

Welcome to Diamond Dash!

There are 9 teams but only one winner!

• Team 1: “How do you overtake a Skoda? Run.”
• Team 2: “We Sleigh”
• Team 3: “Unstoppable”
• Team 4: “Briscoes Big Christmas Bonanza (30-60% off all other teams’ points!)”
• Team 5” “The Hi-Aces”
• Team 7: “Run D(m)C”
• Team 8: “Been waiting Lulu’s for 3 hours”
• Team 9: “Fast and Furious 9: DC Familia”

Teams can choose to do this event on foot or in vehicles. It can definitely be done on foot, but you will have to get a move on. 


Each team must pick a Navigator. 

Navigators must carefully read and follow these instructions before Friday.  

1. Mobile device with mobile data.

  • You will need a mobile device (smart phone or tablet).
  • You only need ONE device per team. The device must have mobile data.
  • It must also be FULLY CHARGED (or close to) when you start the event. If you run out of battery, your team will be eliminated! 

2. Download the Action track app onto your mobile device 

  • Search for "ActionTrack" in the App Store (if using an Apple device) or the Play Store (for Android). Look for the icon below. 
  • When prompted, allow it to access your location. This is important as the app will be using the GPS on your device.


Online Tutorial for Navigators, 3pm on Thursday (optional)

CluedUp will be running a 20 minute online tutorial on how to use the app at 3pm on Thursday 19 November.  This is optional and only for Navigators.  

Ask Savannah for the Zoom link. 


Event start, Boardroom, 4.30pm Friday 20 November 

All teams must gather in the Boardroom for the final instructions and the official start at 4.30pm on Friday. 

Navigators will be given a QR code to scan to start the event. You cannot do the event without scanning the code.

Good luck and have fun!



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