MindSwitch: Improve your mindset and sharpen your leadership skills


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About the MindSwitch programme

MindSwitch gives leaders a performance edge. You will learn powerful mindset and resilence-building practices that you can easily incorporate into your daily life.

MindSwitch is like no other leadership development programme. Most leadership programmes overlook a fundamental attribute that influences how leaders think, learn, and behave, and that is mindset. 

The MindSwitch Programme equips leaders with modern mindset practices that support mental and emotional resilience, backed by neuroscience, and designed to keep you, our precious leaders, stronger, happier and more productive in the face of constant change and complexity.

We've all had days when we know our mindset is not serving us well. The mindset you bring to your day profoundly affects the person you are being and how your day unfolds. We all know this, but few people prepare and optimise their mindsets for the day ahead. 

It's hardly surprising that we have little knowledge or skill in this domain, because no one talked about or taught mental wellbeing at school, until more recently that is. Neuroscience has made leaps and bounds in recent years and we now know, mental resilience and agility improve with regular practice of learnable techniques, much like going to the gym for a physical workout. 

The Mindswitch Leadership Programme will help you:

  • understand how your mind works
  • learn how to befriend and optimise your mind for better performance
  • increase your energy and optimism levels 
  • learn techniques proven to reduce the physiological symptoms of stress
  • establish healthy boundaries and habits so you can pace yourself
  • improve your productivity and focus levels
  • feel less overwhelm and enjoy a better coping mechanism
  • feel more equipped to support and empower others
  • create a leadership style that is authentic for you, that you're proud of
  • arrive home in a good frame of mind for your loved ones
  • move from being in survival mode to your creative flow
  • improve your career prospects and take your leadership capabilities to the next level
  • become recognised as a leader among leaders.

Programme overview:

  1. Discover the neuroscience that shows regular mindset practices work
  2. Gain insight into how the mind works and influences your emotions and behaviour
  3. Learn at least 3 powerful mindset practices that help prepare you for your work day, and can boost energy and performance levels
  4. Learn at least 2 simple practices that help reduce stress
  5. Explore establishing healthy boundaries and successful habits
  6. Explore your higher purpose as a leader so you feel inspired and excited about your career
  7. Learn and practise useful, non-confrontational communication techniques to facilitate having difficult conversations
  8. Learn 1 mindset tool to help you make decisions
  9. Learn about sleep hygiene and 1 mindset practice that can vastly improve sleep
  10. Take away your own mindset workbook and access audio recordings to support your personal practice
  11. A full day workshop and 2 online sessions afterwards
  12. Enjoy Mother Nature's green prescription at the Arcus venue, while you learn (optional)

    Programme details

    Audience:  For developing and senior leaders

    Numbers: Minimum 4, maximum 16 

    Location: For the best results Mindswitch should be done off-site, away from your office.  We can host you at Arcus on the Kapiti Coast, 45 minutes north of Wellington

    Duration: Full day workshop plus 3 x 2-hour online sessions

    Your trainers:  Nic Preddle and Alice Hearnshaw

      Contact us for an info pack and details on how to register.