A Killer View Event

About this event 

Sandy Johanson is the head farmer at Boomrock. For Sandy, its the best place in New Zealand to work. Located in the hills north of Wellington with spectacular views of Cook Strait and the South Island, Sandy lives and breathes the place....well he did, until he was murdered in cold blood. 

Detective Nooey is called in to solve the murder, after all it took place on his patch. He's apprehended 4 suspects - a paua poacher, a local salesman, the landscape gardener and the junior farm hand. Each has a motive for murder but an alibi as solid as Boomrock itself.

You will pool your collective detective skills to work with Detective Nooey and bring justice to this rural wonderland!

Event details

Snapshot: A unique murder mystery delivered exclusively at Boomrock Lodge, north of Wellington over the course of a lunch or dinner.

Duration: 2-3 hours 

Participants: Minimum of 8 people

Location: Boomrock Lodge, Wellington

Client review

“A Killer View really was the perfect balance of taking part in a stimulating and engaging CluedUp murder mystery event and soaking up the superb Boomrock hospitality."


Jeremy Cox, Rental Sales Manager, Vidcom New Zealand

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