TeamBox: the team building programme delivered every month

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Happy, effective teams don't happen by chance

You can’t just take a group of people, call them a "team" and expect them to function as a happy, effective team.

Even if you hire the most skilled individuals, they won't gel as a team unless you proactively develop teamwork. 

High-performing sports teams and coaches know you need to work on team dynamics, as well as individual performance. But many organisations don't recognise the need for empowering teams, and team leaders often don't have the time, expertise or budget.

After working with clients for more than 20 years in the team building industry, we've learnt the secrets to creating happy, effective teams. The key factors are having fun together on a frequent basis, designing a shared purpose, and learning techniques that improve communication and productivity. 

We're on a mission to help teams and team leaders unlock their potential and create workplaces that people love.

That's why we've created TeamBox.


What is TeamBox?

TeamBox is a unique and sustainable approach to team building. It’s team building that is delivered to you once a month. 

TeamBox makes team building easier, faster and cheaper.

TeamBox is serious fun. It ensures your team has rewarding team experiences on a regular basis, and does not leave "team" to chance.

It is packed full of original, fun activities that help your team connect with each other, establish an enduring team culture and improve productivity. We support your team leader to get the most out of TeamBox with a welcome call, email support and coaching**.

Just the anticipation of your monthly box arriving and opening it together as a team will generate a real buzz. 

A healthy team dynamic means higher levels of employee engagement, innovation and productivity. It means less interpersonal issues, negative politics, and 'silo' thinking. 


**Special offer available to 10 teams only**

We're inviting just 10 teams to come on board for our TeamBox launch from September for a minimum of three months.

These 10 teams will get a special coaching opportunity with our CEO, Nic Preddle.

Nic has been developing Kiwi teams and their leaders for well over 20 years. He will personally train your Team Leader to lead the TeamBox team building programme that delivers amazing results for teams.

In these one-on-one coaching sessions, your Team Leader will have the chance to share and unpack your team's biggest challenges.

This is a powerful professional development opportunity for your organisation, which we can't offer to other TeamBox clients at this low price.

Many team leaders go to a full workshop and have to apply the learnings to their team by themselves. This coaching opportunity ensures your team leader feels supported along the TeamBox journey.

Not only this, but these sessions allow us to shape the TeamBox programme around solving your specific challenges.


Special Christmas Box

Sign up for TeamBox in September, and you will receive a TeamBox in October and November.

In December, you'll receive a special Christmas Box in December that takes care of your team's Christmas function!


What’s actually in each box?

Each month, the TeamBox experience begins with your team gathering in anticipation to open your box.

Each box is full of activities. Each activity is carefully crafted to focus on one specific outcome, such as:

  • having fun together
  • creating a strong team identity and culture
  • running effective meetings that encourage participation
  • developing listening and communication skills
  • delegating tasks and experiencing teamwork
  • making quality decisions
  • brainstorming and exploring ideas
  • rewarding and acknowledging achievement
  • increasing productivity.

Each activity takes 5-15 minutes and comes with easy-to-follow instructions.

Boxes will include giveaways, competitions and other fun challenges.


Examples of TeamBox in action

Four companies kicked off their TeamBox team building experience in July and have been giving rave reviews.

With excitement, each team opened their TeamBox to discover smaller boxes, one for each activity.

The July TeamBox included:

  1. Quickfire Five, a fun 5-minute activity designed to get everyone in the mood and having fun
  2. Just Listen, a communication exercise which demonstrably improves listening skills in just 10 minutes
  3. The Negotiation Game where teams trial out three different styles of negotiation
  4. What Would You Do If... a light-hearted learning opportunity to explore attitudes to different work situations
  5. Escape the Room, a problem-solving challenge that requires real teamwork.


What people are saying about TeamBox

We absolutely love TeamBox!  Terry Shubkin, Young Enterprise Trust



TeamBox FAQs

How many people is it for? How much time does it take?

TeamBox is for teams of 6 to 20+ people. It only takes your team 1 hour per month.

You can do TeamBox in one 60-minute session or break it up into several smaller sessions, whatever suits you.

When and how is it delivered?

TeamBox is delivered to you by courier in the 2nd week of each month (except January when delivery is in the 3rd week).

What's the time commitment?

You need to commit to TeamBox for a minimum of 3 months to start to experience the benefits. 

How much does TeamBox cost?

$219 per month (excl GST and shipping) for 3 months.

Payment is by credit card each month.

Subscriptions automatically renew.

You can cancel anytime after 3 months. 

How do we get started?

Places for this special offer are strictly limited to 10 companies. If you are interested, please contact Nic Preddle today:

nic @

021 244 1616