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About this event

Virtual Social Club is a revolutionary new online space that is changing the way teams meet, connect and interact online. 

From themed meeting spaces and interactive games your team can gather online like never before. No Zoom, no Microsoft Teams, no Google Meets...just pure fun. 

As you and your team mates enter Virtual Social Club, you get access to a selection of themed rooms including:

  • Personal Photobooth: create your own memories
  • Escape Room: can you escape?
  • Karaoke Party: make your own music
  • Private Cinema: screen your own short films or favourite youtube clips
  • Customised puzzle: complete the customised puzzle from a photo you supply
  • Murder Mystery: one of you is the murderer. Can you pick them?
  • Scavenger Hunt find the hidden clue in every room
  • Connect 4
  • Chess
  • Pictionary
  • Word Up
  • name just a few. escape rooms

In Virtual Social Club, you and your team mates can move freely from room to room interacting, chatting, laughing and having an unbelievably great time.  

Virtual Social Club is perfect for:

  • Socialising online 
  • After work drinks
  • Team building activity
  • Social club event
  • Conference breakout
  • Jazzing up your next team meeting 

And best of all, you can keep coming back to Virtual Social Club and each time you visit we will have new rooms, new challenges and new experiences for you to enjoy. 

Virtual Social Club works equally well for small intimate groups and large groups. The minimum group size is 4, the maximum is 200. 

You can book for one hour or 90 minutes depending on your group size.

We can also customise an entire Virtual Social Club with your own themes and content. 

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Event details

Snapshot: A revolutionary online experience for remote teams and organisations. 

Type:  Hosted by CluedUp Game Master 

Location: Virtual, online

Duration: 60 to 90 minutes

Participants: 4-200 people

Client review

“Once again a brilliantly run experience. It's a terrific example of innovation in the face of Covid era uncertainty and restraints.  Well done for experimenting and merging technology and traditional good fun. Much appreciated”.
Bruce Heesterman, Aspeq