Move On Up - FREE Event scheduled for 15-16 July 2021

About this free event: next scheduled for Thursday 15 July - Friday 16 July 2021

Move On Up is our latest mobile app event. It is a FREE event open to everyone! 

Research shows that sitting at a desk all day is not good for our long-term health: we need to get up and move around every hour or so.

That's where Move On Up can help: it's the event that rewards teams for being active in simple ways as you go about your day.

Over 2 days, you and your team can go head to head with teams from organisations throughout NZ and Australia. 

Your team's mission is to earn as many points as possible by walking — that's right you earn points simply by walking as you go about your daily life. 

In fact, you can walk, run, bike, skip, hop, scoot, skate, cartwheel — any movement you like — as long as you stay under 30 km/hr.

When you move 200 metres you earn 100 points and a brain teaser to earn bonus points. 

The team with the most points wins! 

Here's how it works:

1. To enter a team click the ADD TO CART button above: no payment or credit card is required. This event is 100% FREE.

2. Gather your team. 

The minimum team size is 2, the max is 6. Team members don't have to be in the same town or city. They can be anywhere in NZ. Multiple teams from the same organisation can enter.

3. Come up with a team name that includes the name of the organisation you are representing.

4. Register your team prior to the close-off on 6 April

5. Download our app

5. Enter the game code and away you go.

April's prize is a free CluedUp DIY mobile app event for up to 50 people. 

Event details

Snapshot: A free, competitive mobile app event that rewards public teams from around NZ for walking and any kind of movement under 30km/hr 

Location: Anywhere in New Zealand

Duration: Every month - next event 15-16 July 2021

Participants: Public teams of 2-6, registration is essential, numbers are strictly limited

Client review

"We all had so much fun. As everyone said – you will never get disappointed if the activities are organised by CluedUp".

Adila Bajema, ASPEQ

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