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Get Out Now is a super fun interactive "escape the room" team game that is played online!

Designed specifically for remote teams, participants can join a game from anywhere in the world to share in the fun with their colleagues.  To play the game each player needs internet connection, Zoom and an app on a mobile device (we provide the app). 

By taking part in Get Out Now, participants will focus on these skills and attributes:

  • teamwork
  • problem-solving
  • delegation
  • working under pressure
  • strategy
  • leadership
  • time management

The event is hosted live online by a CluedUp Escape Master.  Groups of 6 or less play as one team.  Groups of 7+ are divided into smaller teams.  Players do not need to be in the same location, they can join from anywhere. Teams can be pre-selected or you can form teams online.

In order to "get out", teams or players must pass three levels. Teamwork, problem-solving and quick thinking is a must. The challenges gets increasingly harder as the time ticks down and teams try to crack the code and 'escape'.  

You can choose either an 'original game' with our standard selection of clues, puzzles and challenges or a 'customised game'. For a customised game, we can personalise your escape the room experience by including up to 8 challenges or questions in the game about your team, organisation or industry. This is a great way to personalise the experience, reinforce business messages or test participants on their company or industry knowledge. 

There is no preparation required from you. Get Out Now is presented live online by a fun, engaging CluedUp host who explains how to play, keeps everyone fully engaged and on task from beginning to end.  

It takes 60-75 minutes to play. The game can also be played in shorter sessions, for example three 15-20 minute sessions to break up a longer team meeting.  

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Event details

Snapshot: An online customisable escape game for remote teams working from home. The game is presented live to your team by a CluedUp Escape Master.  

Type: Mobile App Event

Location: Anywhere in the world

Duration: 60-75 minutes 

Participants: Minimum of 2. Maximum of 50. 

Requirements: Each player needs internet connection, online meeting software and a mobile device.

Client review

"The event was brilliant, absolutely brilliant. I did not hear one negative comment, not one complaint. There was so much laughter, so much fun and humour. I would recommend this to anyone. Sincere thanks."
Ash Maindonald, Principal, Western Heights School

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