Evening Events

Make the evening count. We produce special evenings that entertain, celebrate and reward your guests – in a style that’s suited to your needs.

Awards nights, Gala dinners, celebrations, quiz nights, client functions and more…let us help you deliver a fun and memorable occasion.

Around the World

'Around the World' event logo

Collect your passsport and travel around the world, from continent to continent, country to country, to compete in activities drawn from every corner of the globe. Think you can roll pasta like a true Italian? Or rip out a Samba drum pattern like a Brazilian? Or tell Chinese whispers? Show your colleagues that you have what it takes to become 'champion of the world'. 

Features and Benefits

Versatile format - works equally well as a daytime team event or as an evening event with a meal designed to match the theme.


2 hours or throughout an evening meal


Minimum of 9

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  • "Thank you and your team so much for Saturday night, I’ve had fantastic feedback from everyone who attended telling me it was definitely one of the best functions they have attended in a long time".

    Angie Harvie , Mainzeal Building & Construction

The Do You Know Show

'The Do You Know Show' event logo

What do you know? Find out in this fun, interactive multi-media quiz event with enough twists to keep everyone on their toes. Features include a unique scoring system, the wild card round, and everyone's favourite 'let's risk the lot!'

Features and Benefits

Can take place over lunch or dinner. The event can incorporate questions about your team, organisation or industry


90 minutes to 2 hours (as a standalone event)


Minimum 6. Suitable for large groups

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  • "What an hilarious and fun filled night. Thank you so much, you guys rock."

    Teena Ohlsen, Marketing Manager, MasterTrade Association

The Winning Formula

'The Winning Formula' event logo

Experience the thrills and spills of Formula One racing! Teams race remote controlled cars against each other in a series of races in an effort to  become Winning Formula Champions! The races are a mix of speed and skill races.  Everyone can have a go a go at racing their car.  Mechanics and Race Marshalls are on hand on hand to assist with crashes and running repairs! 

Features and Benefits

A perfect pre or post dinner social activity. Can be set up in a venue of your choice.


1 to 2 hours (flexible)


Minimum of 6

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  • "The event was very successful indeed. It created an environment of camaraderie and the competitive streak was pushed to the limit. Thanks for creating a memorable event for the Hydraulink team"

    Bernadette Emerson, Hydraulink

A Night with the Stars

'A Night with the Stars' event logo

It's show time! Join the iconic 'stars' as they perform on stage to win the hearts and votes of your audience! Each song/performance is tailored to include information about your team, organisation or industry. A memorable night of music and celebration with plenty of surprises.  

Features and Benefits

The event provides an opportunity to hand out your own company awards - recognising the efforts of your own 'stars'.


60 to 90 minutes or over the course of your meal


Minimum 12. Suitable for large groups

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  • "The actors who performed were excellent...they were all an instant hit with the staff. Once again many thanks for helping to make our Conference an outstanding success"

    Marianne Rowley, Event Manager, Resene Paints

What would you do for a dollar?

'What would you do for a dollar?' event logo

Would you? Would you really? The scores are tight and victory could be yours, but first you must answer the big questions: What would you do for a dollar? What would you have others do? The possibilities are endless in this fun-filled interactive game show event. Bet against the host and your opponents, go big because your success depends upon it! You'll need skills, cunning and a bit of bluffing to make your way to the top. So would you really?....why not! 

Features and Benefits

A high energy, interactive game show. Works equally well as a standalone event, or throughout your evening.


1 to 2 hours


Minimum 8. Suitable for large groups.

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  • "Friday night was fantastic, everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They are still talking about it in the office today, so great job. Thanks again for everything, and we hope to use Cluedup again in the future."

    Amanda Fensom, NZ Thoroughbred Racing

King's Banquet

'King's Banquet' event logo

Hear ye, hear ye...come hither and dine with the King. Enjoy good food, fine wine and a smorgasbord of royal entertainment presented by the King's very own cortege of performers until the highlight of the night - the King's Knighting ceremony. A night to behold!  

Features and Benefits

An opportunity to incorporate your own company awards in a unique and auspicious occasion.


Over the course of a meal


Minimum 6. Suitable for large groups.

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  • "The King's Banquet which CluedUp created was fabulous and I have had nothing but fantastic feedback from those who attended."

    Liz Fraser, Marketing Communications Manager, Westpac

A Night at Big Tony's Casino

'A Night at Big Tony's Casino' event logo

Experience all the action and excitement of an impromptu party at a gangster organised drinking hall in defiance of the Prohibition! Join Tony, the flamboyant and lovable owner of the exclusive club for a night of cards, gambling and drinking, that's if you know the secret knock and can get past Tony's bouncers, 'Sticks' and 'Stones'.

Features and Benefits

Authentic 1920s casino night. Your humurous host characters combine to create the perfect casino night.


2 to 3 hours over the course of your meal / evening celebration


Minimum 20. Suitable for large groups

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  • "Thank you for a fantastic night. Everyone had a blast."

    Steve Harris, CentrePort